Sino-Telecom become forefront telecommunication device provider among domestic market "Made in Shanghai" get orders for 5G optical network products
Source: Sino-Telecom  Published: 2019-11-20

China Telecom announced the winning candidates for centralized procurement of Access OTN (Optical Transport Network) equipment on November 8th, 2019. 6 companies among 8 including Gwdelight, Raisecom, Sino-Telecom, Jiubo,Huawei, and Fiberhome were shortlisted and final-listed.  This marks Sino-Telecom Technology Co., Inc., a Shanghai-based local manufacturing, became one of the domestic telecommunication industry’s first-class suppliers.


This year, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Broadcast Network have been awarded 5G commercial licenses. This is a breakthrough for 5G implementation and commercialization. In view of the requirements of future 5G communications, the capacity, performance, integration, cost, and convenience of existing fiber-optic networks have encountered challenges that has never been seen before.


The development of next-generation optical network products for 5G bearers is a new round of competition and a new market opportunity for communication manufacturing companies such as Sino-Telecom Technology Co., Inc.


Sino-Telecom was founded in 2006Y, it is a strategic emerging industrial enterprise in Shanghai and a major special research unit of the national "Broadband China". It is currently committed to developing the next-generation ultra-high-speed optical network system oriented to 5G. 


The founder of Sino-Telecom - Tiger Xie hopes that Shanghai will once again become a pole of the domestic network communication industry in the future. He said: Shanghai has unique advantages. The supplier resources here are very good, especially the chip supplier resources are strong. Most international chip companies have their China headquarters in Shanghai, which is suitable for R & D enterprises. Besides, the rapid advancement of the G60 science and technology innovation corridor in the Yangtze River Delta has provided good development opportunities for the company. Relying on top-tier location advantages and excellent business environment, we believe the G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor will bring more high-quality resources to “Made in Shanghai” in terms of capital, talent, supply chain, and market.