Sino Telecom brings a new generation OTN / PON products in the 2017 CommunicAsia Singapore Exhibition
Source: Sino-Telecom  Published: 2017-05-27

On 23rd May, The world’s leading Asia-Pacific communications industry's top event - Asian Telecommunications exhibition was held in the Sands Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center, Sino Telecom brought a new generation of OTN/PON products again; in Singapore.

At this Singapore Show, Sino Telecom highlights a new OTN / DWDM / GPON platform and other products, as well as innovative PON aggregation technology, which fully demonstrates Sino Telecom progress in the field of optical networking during the past years.

Among them, the STN6800 is a new generation of 100G OTN / WDM transmission platform for the high-speed interconnection between the operator's backbone network and metropolitan area network. The STN6800 has a transmission capacity of 1.6T in 10U product space, the highest transmission capacity in the industry of 100G OTN platform.

SAN3700 is based on the popular high-density access network system architecture and the development of a large-capacity 10U PON OLT platform. The platform supports the main control 1 + 1 protection, backplane bandwidth, high port density, single-box support for up to 224 PON ports, with a capacity of competing against the mainstream OLT system industry, providing customers with more choices in addition to Huawei, ZTE.

The multi-service platform based on PON STN6200 aggregation remote (PAE) technology is the latest R & D results of Sino telecom which      combines OTN and PON technology to provide a fast, simple and efficient way for comprehensive coverage of fiber to the home FTTH. PAE (PON Aggregation Extension or PON over OTN) is a PON (EPON / GPON) extending expansion technology with not only large transmission capacity, but also strong carrying load capacity, especially suitable for optical fiber shortage areas.

At Exhibition site, Sino telecom exhibitors and visiting customers conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on our product technology, industries from many countries showed great interest in Sino Telecom Optical Fiber Communication and FTTX overall solution, especially innovative PAE aggregation of remote technology has been favored by customers in various parts of the world including Argentina, India, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

The exhibition, not only deepens the customers understanding about Sino telecom’s new products and consolidates the cooperation with existing overseas customers but also to fully understand the current international market’s actual needs so as to develop differentiated new products and provide more quality service to customers and laid a good foundation.

Sino Telecom as a rapidly rising supplier of optical communication systems in recent years is one of the few suppliers in the china with 100G OTN / DWDM to PON OLT / ONU end to end solution. With the constant improvement of Sino Telecom product technology, all along the country's strategic direction to the international market is our inevitable mission. In the past years, Sino Telecom actively participated in numerous exhibitions having global influence in the field of communication, including the Beijing, Dubai, Moscow, Bangkok, New Delhi and as well as upcoming Munich exhibition , Sino Telecom brand and product awareness has greatly improved.

As of now, Sino Telecom’s  overseas market has already covered more than 30 countries and regions in the world, the Future Sino Telecom will continue to increase efforts to expand overseas markets and further improve their scientific and technological innovation, and strive to enhance the core competence to participate in global competition, continue along the national strategy to accelerate the pace of going all the way to more open, pluralistic thinking and innovative technology in the field of global communications opening up a vast expanse of sky for future of Sino Telecom.