The 9th Tsinghua Alumni Table Tennis Competition of Sino Telecom Cup was successfully held
Source: Sino-Telecom  Published: 2019-05-30

On April 27, 2019, in order to celebrate the 108th anniversary of the establishment of Tsinghua University, the 9th Tsinghua Alumni Table Tennis Tournament of Sino Telecom Cup was held in Tsinghua University Bauhinia Gym.Deng Yaping, President of Tsinghua Alumni Table Tennis Association, Han Jingyang, Vice President of Tsinghua Alumni Association, Professor Liu Bo, Director of Sports Department of Tsinghua University, Professor Chen Weiqiang, Deputy Secretary General of Tsinghua Alumni Association, Mr. Zhang Yulei, Deputy General Manager of Century 2000 Network Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan Fei Yonggang, the general manager of Pioneer Group, and Tiger Xie, the chairman of Shanghai Xinnuo Communication Technology Co., Ltd., attended the opening ceremony.Alumni Zhou Tianrui and Cai Feifei served as the opening ceremony host.

The event was jointly organized by the Tsinghua Alumni Association and the Sports Department of Tsinghua University. The Tsinghua Alumni Table Tennis Association and the Tsinghua University Bauhinia Gym hosted the men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. A total of 153 alumni from around the world signed up and participated in the competition.

At the opening ceremony, Director Liu Bo, Xie Hu Alumni, Deng Yaping and Hu Yufei delivered speeches. Among them, Xie Hu Alumni on behalf of the Shanghai Alumni Association sent an invitation to the 9th Tsinghua Alumni Group Competition in Shanghai in October this year. Then, Hu Xiaofei, on behalf of the Canadian Alumni Association, sent an invitation to the third North American Alumni Conference Table Tennis Competition in Toronto, Canada this September. Later, Teacher Han Jingyang announced that the game officially began. In a happy and peaceful atmosphere, accompanied by the beat of the music, the athletes and referees entered the arena at a healthy pace.

In the morning singles competition, six different age groups competed simultaneously, including young alumni who had just graduated from school for a year, and old alumni who were older than the old. In the end, Chen Zhengying won the men's singles championship in the 40-year-old group, Liu Yuyan won the men's singles championship in the 41-50 age group, Yan Yongjun won the men's singles championship in the 51-60 years old group, Bai Yanbin won the men's singles championship in the 60-year-old group; Zhan Yisi won the group under 50 years old The women's singles champion, Ding Qingqing won the women's singles champion in the 50-year-old group.

The doubles match in the afternoon was also marvellous . The men's doubles team consisting of the youngest 2012 alumnus Chen Zhengying and the eldest 1962 alumnus Kong Weizhang attracted the attention of the people. The two alumni's enrollment years were 50 years apart, but they were acquainted with the table tennis court. The bursts of applause eventually won the men’s doubles title in the 90-year-old group. The men’s doubles champions under the age of 90 were won by Hu Fan/Hu Yongdeng, and Yuan Fan/Zhan Yisi and Zhu Cheng/Zhao Yaping were respectively won the mixed doubles in the 90-year-old group and the 90-year-old group.

Tsinghua University Alumni Cup Table Tennis Competition adheres to the competition principle of “communicating with friends, strengthening cooperation and common development”, and has established a platform for exchanges and learning for Tsinghua alumni. Since the first competition in 2011, it has been loved by many people who love table tennis. The alumni's love has also been widely supported by alumni from all walks of life. As a Tsinghua alumni enterprise, SinoTelecom has been actively participating in and supporting the Tsinghua University Alumni Cup Table Tennis Tournament.