Sino-Telecom debuts at MWC 2021 and participates in 5G new infrastructure!
Source:   Published: 2021-03-02

It is beautiful spring now. On February 23, the anticipated MWC2021 was successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Sino-Telecom, as the host representative network communications and big data, was invited to participate in the MWC exhibition and provided a multi-dimensional 5G construction solution.

Product display

In response to the raging wave of 5G construction, Sino-Telecom exhibited a wealth of 5G product solutions at this exhibition, including: passive/semi-active solutions for 5G fronthaul, STN-A product solutions for 5G backhaul, A unified DPI solution for 5G mobile networks, a data center interconnection (DCI) solution for large bandwidth, low latency, and high density in data centers, and an access OTN system for government and enterprise customers in the era of cloud network convergence. In addition, for the network operation and maintenance in the 5G era, Sino-Telecom specially showcased its self-developed intelligent optical junction box system, optical cable monitoring system and optical fiber vibration warning system and other device Insurance products.

During the exhibition

During the three days of the exhibition, there was an endless stream of visitors. The heads of our various product lines enthusiastically introduced products in the fields of network communication, DCI solutions, and big data solutions to clients.

Most of the audience is very interested in the 5G construction series solutions: applied to 5G fronthaul passive/semi-active solutions,Sino-Telecom's passive wavelength division solution only needs 1 core fiber to realize the connection between the AU and DU sides, which is 5G Construction saves fiber resources.Sino Active WDM solution can meet the general principles of low latency, low cost, multi-scenario, monitoring, protection, manageability, and convenient production required by 5G fronthaul networking requirements, and it has a high cost performance.

The 5G backhaul STN-A solution product equipment meets the construction, operation and maintenance and operation requirements of the network with high bandwidth, high reliability, high flexibility, intelligence, convenient opening, active operation and maintenance, and low-cost operation, providing customers with high-speed, Safe and reliable service is the inevitable choice for 4/5G bearer network and dedicated line access for major customers at this stage.

At the same time, in the 5G era where data centers are dotted around, Sino-Telecom has launched a new generation of large-bandwidth, low-latency, high-density data center interconnection (DCI) solutions that have also attracted the attention of many customers. The short-distance service interconnection between centers is also suitable for long-distance business transmission on the backbone network between data centers.

Sino-Telecom's access-oriented OTN for government and enterprise access is also another highlight of this exhibition. Based on the powerful STN6200 platform, it supports the integrated access of OTN, SDH, and packet three planes, and also supports C/WDM transmission services. It is especially suitable for service access of government and enterprise customers and metropolitan area transmission/edge aggregation service

The intelligent optical junction box system of Sino-Telecom for 5G optical fiber network operation and maintenance has the characteristics of low cost, good reliability, and convenient installation. Many customers have shown strong interest and have invited to exchange and pilot projects. In addition, the DVS system used to warn the external damage of the optical cable has the characteristics of high sensitivity and preventive measures. It is especially suitable for the early warning of trunk optical cables and key nodes. Many friends in the operation and maintenance industry are very interested. But it is well known that the cost of DVS has always been expensive, and they are very concerned about the construction cost. When we give a satisfactory answer, they are full of expectations for the implementation of DVS in the operator's optical cable operation and maintenance.

This is the first time that Sino-Telecom participated in the MWC exhibition. It is facing 5G and facing the future. The products and solutions formed by Sino's continuous large-scale R&D investment in the past few years have been fully displayed.

After experiencing the COVID-19 period, there are still so many clients and friends coming to the exhibition, which fully demonstrates the strong appeal of the new 5G infrastructure. We especially cherish this hard-won period of strategic opportunities, and we are guided by customer needs and pursue Dream, achieve excellence!

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