Go all out to troubleshoot in difficult environments at Yunnan
Source:   Published: 2020-09-04

On September 4, 2020, Sino-Telecom Yunnan Office received an emergency call from Yunnan Mobile's Lijiang branch, and quickly organized technical support staff in Yunnan Office to troubleshoot broadband clients in a village in Ninglang County, Lijiang City. On the evening of September 4, I went to a base station in Ninglang County, Lijiang City overnight to investigate the equipment and on-site routing.

Due to continuous heavy rains, the only road to the base station was interrupted, and the water level of the river soared. In order to ensure the normal broadband services of clients, the technical support of Sino-Telecom Yunnan Office, Yang Fumin, accompanied the relevant personnel of Lijiang Mobile, to cross the river. And successfully solved the problem of on-site faults, which fully demonstrated the service philosophy and spirit of Sino Telecom's people who are not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tiredness, and customer first.

Sino-Telecom won the bid for the Yunnan Mobile GPON amplifier project in June 2020, providing equipment and solutions for Yunnan Mobile's 8 cities and regions, helping Yunnan Mobile's rural broadband coverage speed to achieve low cost, high performance, and wide coverage.