Distinguished guests from Tsinghua University visited Sino-Telecom
Source:   Published: 2021-03-19

On the afternoon of March 15, 2021, Yang Bin, Vice President and Provost of Tsinghua University, and Yuan Wei, Secretary-General of Tsinghua University Education Foundation, and a group of four visited the alumni company Sino-Telecom. Tiger Xie, chairman of Sino-Telecom, expressed his warm welcome to the arrival of Yang Bin and his party.

Accompanied by Tiger Xie, Mr. Yang Bin and Mr. Yuan Wei visited the product exhibition hall, system laboratory, R&D center and office area of Sino-Telecom. During the visit, Tiger Xie reported in detail to Chairman Yang Bin the company profile, Sino's entrepreneurial history, core technology and future market strategy. Chairman Yang Bin gave positive comments to Sino's technological and market breakthroughs in the field of 5G bearer and 5G information security, and together with Tiger Xie conducted a detailed discussion on the market application prospects of 5G.

It was the fine weather since the beginning of spring in Shanghai, and guests who just avoided the rare sandstorm in Beijing admired the bright spring in the garden on the roof of Sino-Telecom and took a group photo.

Before leaving, Chairman Yang Bin presented Tiger Xie with a special gift-a tie with the Tsinghua school badge, and encouraged Tiger Xie to continue to work hard in the field of information and communication to make Sino-Telecom bigger and stronger. Tiger Xie is especially grateful to his alma mater for its support and assistance to alumni companies. In the future, he will continue to uphold the school motto of "Continuously Strive for Self-improvement and Be Virtuous", do his best to make a difference in the next generation of information and communication fields, and actively return his alma mater’s cultivation.

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