Good News! | Sino Telecom successfully won the bid for DCI-BOX device project of China Telecom Group
Source:   Published: 2021-06-02

On April 22, 2021, China Telecom released the "Announcement of Candidates Winning the Bid for China Telecom's DCI-BOX device (2020) Centralized Procurement Project". In this epoch-making first bid for the open optical network, Sino-Telecom won the first place and won the bid. The share reaches 50%, which lays a good foundation for Sino-Telecom leap-forward development in the future.


Data center interconnection requires products with large bandwidth, low latency, high density, fast deployment, easy operation and maintenance, and high reliability.

STN6800-D16HE/D36H is an optical transmission platform developed by Sino Telecom for data center interconnection applications. The product has high integration, large transmission capacity, small size and low power consumption, which fully meets the application requirements of data center computer rooms. At the same time, based on an open software architecture, it provides various open interfaces, and DCI users can carry out secondary development. It supports one-click deployment and rapid business distribution, so that its management method can be easily integrated with the data center equipment management system, which reduces the difficulty of daily equipment maintenance and provides a strong guarantee for the rapidly growing data center service.


"To connect a better world." is the purpose that all Sino staff  have always upheld. We especially cherish this hard-won strategic opportunity period and try our best to provide customers with cost-effective solutions and perfect after-sales service support and supply. Guarantee, and strive to become a backbone force in the domestic communications and big data market.

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