Sino-Telecom Brand New SMT Production Line Officially Launched--High Standard Industrial 4.0 Auto Factory
Source: ICC News  Published: 2021-08-19

Source from ICC NEWS On the morning of August 12, 2021, Sino-Telecom New Production Line was officially Launched, and the unveiling ceremony was held at 9:18 in the morning. The company’s Chairman Xie Hu, R&D director Wu Zhiyuan, operations director Sun Xudong and other company leaders and employee representatives attended the event.

Opening Ceremony

To celebrate the successful commissioning of the SMT patch line, Sino-Telecom Technology Co., Inc. held a start-up ceremony in the Sino SMT workshop. Chairman Xie Hu personally turned it on and produced the first PCB board under the witness of Sino's Management leaders and employee representatives.

Chairman Xiehu and Management leader are visiting PCBA board produced

Sino SMT production line establishes a highly automated, high-standard dust-free SMT production workshop based on Industry 4.0 standards, and then further improves the self-developed and self-produced supply chain system. Realize the whole process of manufacturing from SMT patch --> DIP plug-in --> assembly --> testing --> packaging.

Chairman Xiehu and Sino's management leader visit the operation production line

The first PCBA board by Sino's new prodcution Line

The newly use of Sino SMT production line not only greatly improves Sino's production technology level, but also represents the company's further vigor and development.

Sino-Telecom is a R&D high-tech company focusing on the integration and development of network communication and information security technology. It is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise, a national-level "specialized and special new giant" enterprise, a Shanghai science and technology giant enterprise and Shanghai City's tactical emerging enterprises. The company is committed to providing customers with more cost-effective solutions, coupled with more flexible market strategies and more considerate services. For this reason, we have established sales and service outlets in all provincial capitals across the country to respond to customer needs more quickly .

In the field of optical network, Sino-telecom already has a full range of optical network products from 100G+ OTN/WDM, DCI, STN to GPON and XGSPON. In the field of big data, Sino-telecom can provide customers with a full range of solutions from data centers to metropolitan area networks, from G/EPON to DSL.

Nowadays, Sino-Telecom has become one of the only companies in China that have a full range of optical network products from 100G+OTN/WDM, DCI, STN to GPON and XGSPON. At the same time, the company also has the ability to provide self-developed software and hardware integrated security solutions from optical splitter/optical amplifier.

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