Sino-Telecom successfully entered the list of suppliers of MTN Group
Source:   Published: 2021-09-24

MTN is a multinational operator headquartered in South Africa. It operates telecommunications networks in more than 20 countries in Africa and the Middle East, with 280 million online users. It is the largest mobile operator in Africa and eighth in the world.

Providing users with high-quality and efficient services is one of MTN's core competitiveness. For many years, MTN has always insisted on building a high-quality and high-reliability network, and has strict requirements on suppliers' products and services. After several years of polishing, Sino's OTN product family has been successfully commercialized on a large scale in operator markets such as China Telecom, and has been highly recognized by customers and users around the world. The excellent product quality and the company's comprehensive service capabilities finally impressed MTN. After several rounds of strict screening and nearly a year of hard work, Sino-Telecom was finally accepted by MTN as its new transmission supplier in the future !

Sino-Telecom Access OTN equipment is an OTN equipment mainly deployed below the MAN/local network integrated service access node, and is mainly placed in the client room or the edge central office access office. This equipment mainly provides access and bearer for larger bandwidth services of 100Mbit/s and above, and also takes into account the access of small particle services below 100Mbit/s (such as E1, etc.) under special requirements.

Sino-Telecom access type OTN equipment is divided into two types: fixed box type and plug-in type. Sino-Telecom's cost-effective STN6200 series card-type OTN/WDM optical transmission platform can be used as a WDM independent wavelength division platform, or as an OTN convergence and access transmission platform. There are 1U, 2U, and 5U platforms, which are flexible according to business capacity match.

In the future, Sino-Telecom will continue to uphold the tenet of "Delighted to make a promise, Go all our best efforts to meet it" to provide to MTN and all customers with highly reliable products and services!

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