Two Sino-Telecom players won the championship and runner-up in the "Toyo Denso Cup" table tennis competition
Source:   Published: 2022-01-28

Health and wellness have been a staple in Sino-Telecom’s culture, and this was displayed brilliantly over the past weekend by two our colleagues.

Mr. Xie and the two Championship and runner-up players

Chen Ruiwen and Zhu Yu participated in the men’s single competition in the “Toyo Denso Cup” that took place on October 16, 2021.

Intense in pressure and thrilling in excitement, the crowds were sitting on the edge of their seats as they watched Chen Ruiwen win the championship and Zhu Yu receive the award for runner up. Both of their dedication and enjoyment throughout the game reflected the healthy and active environment that Sino-Telecom has created for their members.

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