Sino-Telecom won the bid for China Mobile's CPE OTN device centralized procurement project, and both bid packages were shortlisted
Source:   Published: 2022-01-29

On September 22, 2021, China Mobile announced the results of the centralized procurement of two standard packages for CPE OTN device in 2021-2022, and Sino-Telecom was both shortlisted:

Sino-Telecom ranks third with a winning share of 14.49% among 8 successful bidders for Bid Package 1 CPE OTN box terminal.

The number of bidders in the CPE OTN central office of Bid Package 2 is 6. Sino-Telecom ranks fourth after ZTE, Huawei and Fiberhome, and has won 15.22% of the bid.

Sino-Telecom won the bid for China Mobile's CPE OTN device centralized procurement project. It is another good news that Sino-Telecom's MS-OTN series products have successfully entered the short list of MTN Group not long ago, and it is also a shortlist for China Telecom's access OTN in the domestic market in 2019. Another major breakthrough in the government-enterprise access OTN product series after the device. Sino Telecom's central office and terminal device are both shortlisted, and the share is about 15%, which has laid good objective conditions for the project to be implemented in various provinces.

This is the reward that Sino-Telecom's long-term commitment to continuous R&D investment in the field of open optical networks, and further consolidates Sino-Telecom's leading position in the field of open optical networks in China.

Sino-Telecom access OTN device is an OTN device mainly deployed below the integrated service access node of the metropolitan area network/local network, and is mainly placed in the client room or the central office access office at the edge.

Sino-Telecom's CPE OTN device has two types: box type and plug-in type.

Sino-Telecom's box-type OTN CPE is a CPE OTN box-type terminal for government and enterprise high-quality OTN access services. It is different from MSTP/M-SAP device. This device mainly provides access and bearer of 100M and above larger bandwidth services. Under special requirements, take into account the access of small-granular services such as 10M and E1 below 100M.

Sino-Telecom's cost-effective STN6200 series plug-in OTN/WDM optical transmission platform can be applied for a WDM independent wavelength division platform, or as an OTN aggregation and access transmission platform, with 1U, 2U, 5U platforms, flexible according to service capacity match.

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