Sino-Telecom won the China Telecom Supply Chain Innovation Contribution Award
Source:   Published: 2022-02-11

On January 29, 2022, at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, Sino-Telecom won the "Supply Chain Innovation Contribution Award" issued by China Telecom Group, celebrating the arrival of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger in the lunar calendar.

In the tide of 5G construction, China Telecom, as the operator with the most abundant technical background and operation experience in China, took the lead in launching technological innovation and transformation in China, and is determined to build China Telecom into a technology leader in the global operator industry by 2025. Visionary and daring to be the first in the world, China Telecom has taken the lead in the field of technological innovation and cloud-network integration.

Since 15 years, Sino-Telecom has always insisted on increasing R&D investment in the field of network communication and network security in the process of actively developing the market, gradually established a relatively complete R&D system and product series, and formed a "strong technical ability, Fast response, best service attitude" Sino style, this style is particularly suitable for China Telecom's technological innovation and cloud-to-digital transfer needs. In the process of China Telecom's 5G network construction and cloud-network integration, Sino-Telecom's 200/400G wavelength division network (DCI), STN-A bearer network and access OTN network equipment have provided high-quality for China Telecom's cloud-to-digital transformation strategy , High-bandwidth, cost-effective network pipeline, Sino Telecom's 5G DPI, 5G malicious program monitoring and 5G full traffic monitoring systems provide reliable security for China Telecom's 5G network operation and maintenance, Sino Telecom has gradually grown into China Telecom 5G An innovative supplier of "network &security" in the tide of construction and cloud-network integration.

In the future, Sino-Telecom will further develop its internal skills and forge ahead, further improve its technical and service capabilities, and strive to make more contributions to China Telecom's technological innovation and cloud-to-digital transformation strategy.

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