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Although 4G construction is booming, fixed-line broadband is still the core business for Tier1 Operators. In many places, the lack of channel resources and optical fibers are the main reasons why FTTH cannot be launched. Nowadays the bandwidth of  FTTH needs to be improved from 20M to 100M for new streaming services. 

However, it has huge challenges as there is impossible to increase over 100M on the basis of the original  1:32 or 1:64 splitting ratio. Taking a middle-scale residential community with 1,000 households as an example,  optical fibers with at least 32 cores are needed for FTTH full coverage. 

In summary, shortage of optical fiber resources is the main problem of FTTH construction for operators.

WDM PON Solution of Sino-Telecom

Sino-Telecom’s WDM PON solution innovatively solves the problem of  burst wavelength conversion, which paves the way for quick construction of FTTH.

Sino's WDM PON solution only needs 1 bare fiber cable to bear up to 8 GPON or EPON links, and there is no need to modify the original network topology.

Benefits of Sino-Telecom’s WDM PON solution
1. Save Fibers: The fiber utilization ratio has been improved 8 times. Only a single-core fiber is needed for residential community with 1,000 households.
2. Overload: Powerful bearer capacity, easily support 8*128 ONU users.
3. Dual Mode: GPON and EPON compatible
4. Cost Effective: High cost effective
5. Quick Deployment: The coverage of the residential community can be launched within one day.
6. Long Distance:Reaching 50Km for PON transmission.
Case Study

Case Description:
Two sets of OEO6500-I are respectively configured at the CO side and the industrial park. For each unit of OEO6500-I, 2*OEO6500-EWDM service boards and 1*OEO6500-OMUX service board are configured, which successfully realizes the transmission of 8 EPON links over a single-core optical fiber cable. PON technology-based scheme turns things around and wins opportunity to gain market share.

1. FTTH broadband is required for an industrial park in Henan Province.
2. 300 users for phase 1, expansion to 1,000 users in the future.
3. The distance between the Central Office and the Industrial Park is 35KM
4. Only two cores of optical fibers.

Difficulty :
1. 35km between the two nodes. long distance, many optical fiber cables, close to the tipping point of optical power budget, easy to cause packet loss

2. at least 8 optical fiber cables are needed for 1,000 households, shortage of optical fiber resources, optical fiber cables need to be re-laid or rent, heavy task, high cost and long construction.

Scheme Advantages:
1. Only one core of optical fiber cable is needed. Another core of optical fiber cable can be saved for further application.
2. Two units of devices can support 1024 ONU users. Fast deployment enables all the construction can be completed in one day.
3. The overall cost is lower than fiber optic direct connection.

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