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GPON in Latin America-Dominica


WIND TELECOM, SA is a telecommunications company founded in 1991, operating in the Dominican Republic, whose focus is to provide integrated Internet, online entertainment and mobile services to all individuals, as well as specialized services to business sectors, and other service providers, with guaranteened quality, cost and stability.

After long period of evaluation and integration, WIND picked Sino-Telecom as partner for FTTH construction. WIND is satisfied with stable quality and service provided by Sino-Telecom.


High Density

WIND is looking forward to ramping up of FTTH penetration. So WIND has to pick up supplier with potential capacity for further expansion. Sino-Telecom is ready to offer chassis based GPON OLT with expansion capability. With 10U chassis, WIND can deploy 244 PON ports within one chassis, serving 3K users.

1) One rack holds 14 *PON cards. Each PON card supports 16 PON ports.
2) 1+1 redundancy for System Control Cards/ Uplink Cards/ Power Units.

Service stability is one of key requirements for telecom operators. Sino-Telecom SAN3700 can fertile support uplink protection and PON port protection as well. Service can be protected with highest availability for ender users.

Diagram Of WIND FTTH Network

Business Value & Conclusion

WIND Telecom got sustainable product support given by Sino-Telecom since first annual cooperation contract. Sino-Telecom kept high level professional support and product delivery till now. WIND Telecom can focus on business development and promotion in the market. Now WIND Telecom is leading telecom service supplier in Dominique with over 900K connections.

GPON in South Asia-India


In India ,Tier 1 telecom operators focus on mobile network development. Wireline broadband access network develops very slowly.

FTTH Subscribers penetration is about 9%.Recently years, MSO and ISPs want to provide highspeed service like HDTV, internet, voice to their customers. GPON is the best technical solution for them. In this massive market, Sino-Telecom picked up top player in the market for long term cooperation. Optilink offers local support and branding for better approach and support in domestic promotion.


Most Compact FTTH Solution

Optilink targets commercial reginal MSP(Multi-Service Provider) operating in commercial blocks and residential area. Compact design with 1000 level capacity is basic requirement. Sino-Telecom offers customized ID(Industrial Design) service with compact 1U pizza box OTL(8/16 ports) for Optilink.

Broadcom based high-performance solution.

8/16 PON ports, 2*10G/8*GE Uplink with 1+1 protection

Most Complicated Solution

Sino-Telecom offers service VLAN tag option to define service level based QoS. With these features, MSP can balance traffic based on various services and tariff. MSP can give differential competitive tariff plan for specific service such as Twitter/Youtube etc.

These QoS feature can be adapted for uplink as well. MSP can choose better service ISP for internet services.

Business Value & Conclusion

Optilink initiated cooperation with Sino-Telecom since 2019,with over 1000 Pcs OLT annually. Optilink is satisfied with stable performance and sustainable feature development and support. Optilink wins more market share from MSPs. Optilink purchased optical network equipment from Sino-Telecom also. The cooperation between two entities have been escalated to new level.

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