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Present Network Situation Analysis

As relevant experts in the industry put forward the 5G front-haul semi-active solution (Open WDM), Sino-Telecom actively followed up and quickly launched Sino-Telecom's semi-active solution based on the STN6200 platform.

The semi-active wavelength division multiplexing scheme selects an asymmetrical design. The AAU side as far end uses multiple forms of passive devices , and the central office DU uses a high-capacity, multi-function active device. It is suitable for star or chain network topology. The solution also supports the mainstream 4G front-haul optical fiber, provides 2G/4G/5G service hybrid transmission, and offers the unified front-haul for 2G/4G/5G network. The semi-active solution for central office integrates a demultiplexer and an optical switch to support channel level optical power monitoring and line protection feature. The solution integrates with network management system offering remote monitoring and operation for passive modules and network topology. The mobile-APP is introduced to facilitate network operation and maintenance as well.

The semi-active WDM solution can meet the general requirements of low latency, low cost, multiple scenarios, monitoring, protection, management, and reduce requirements of hardwares for 5G front-haul networking, and offers higher cost effective performance.

4G / 5G distributed base station transmission solution

There are security risks in the current scheme

Integration Solutions of Sino-Telecom

Integration Solutions of Sino-Telecom


Value of The Case

Save maintenance costs:Adopting a semi-active solution can save a lot of manpower patrol costs and reduce costs by over 70%;

High density:One 2U chassis can protect 7 groups, and a 5U chassis can protect 18 groups ;

Effectively save computer room space:Integrated design, effectively saving footprint in deployment;

Reliable:Services are physically isolated between boards, transparently transmitted, and services are not affected; dual power supplies are under hot standby to ensure higher availability for service; desktop devices have low power consumption and strong environmental tolerance ;

Shorten construction period:Fast deployment, no environment dependance;

Simple network planning:No impacts for present network structure;

Easy to install and maintain:Minimal configuration required;

Professional NMS support:Monitoring performance/alarm in real time basis, and offering NBI to be integrated with third party NMS;

Save IP resources:NMS can manage all devices with only a one fixed IP in central office. No need for multiple IP assignment for all network elements.

Product Introduction

STN6200 Series-1U Platform

STN6200-OMP Local end

Product Features:

ØLine protection mode: 1: 1 protection
ØSupport routing topology management
ØSupport port optical power monitoring
ØReal-time monitoring of active and standby paths
ØSupport remote and local scheduling functions
ØSupport power-down protection to ensure services

CWDM-OP6-B Remote Terminal

Product Features:

Ø6-wave, 3-way, two-way service transmission at the same time on the active and standby routes
ØFully transparent to service signals, can transfer any rate services
ØPassive product, compact size and easy installation
ØAdopt telecommunication standard structure, which can be directly inserted into the optical cross box for outdoor scenario

Application diagram of semi-active solution

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