• In response to the challenges faced by the data center interconnection, Sino-Telecom uses years of experience in network construction and operation and maintenance to develop a custom data center interconnection STN6800-D16H/D36H to provide higher scalability, reliability and Security connection.
  • As relevant experts in the industry put forward the 5G front haul semi-active solution (Open WDM), Sino-Telecom actively followed up and quickly launched Sino-Telecom's semi-active solution based on the STN6200 platform. The semi-active WDM solution can meet the general requirements of low latency, low cost, multiple scenarios, monitoring, protection, management, and reduce requirement for network elements by 5G front haul networking, and has a high cost effective performance.
  • Sino-Telecom’s OLP system can provide real-time monitoring of the primary and secondary optical fibers, which effectively avoid the simultaneous block of the two optical fibers. In the event of a signal loss or low signal level below a threshold value on the main fiber l, the system will automatically switch to the secondary available optical fiber also called backup route, so as to ensure the smooth flow of the service.
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