• According to the requirements and characteristics of the broadcasting television network, Sino-Telecom has launched a package of FTTH solutions, including whole series of GPON/EPON OLT and ONU products with Sino-Telecom’s independent intellectual property rights, WDM-PON system tailored for the situation of shortage of optical fiber resources of broadcasting television network, as well as innovative solutions including G/EPON link amplifier and G/EPON protocol analyzers to solve interoperability problems.
  • Although 4G construction is booming, fixed-line broadband is still the core business for Tier1 Operators. In many places, the lack of channel resources and optical fibers are the main reasons why FTTH cannot be launched. Nowadays the bandwidth of FTTH needs to be improved from 20M to 100M for new streaming services. However, it has huge challenges as there is impossible to increase over 100M on the basis of the original 1:32 or 1:64 splitting ratio. Taking a middle-scale residential community with 1,000 households as an example, optical fibers with at least 32 cores are needed for FTTH full coverage. In summary, shortage of optical fiber resources is the main problem of FTTH construction for operators.
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