• Sino-Telecom STN6800-D16HE integrates 400G OTN, OLP, EDFA modules to support the ring transmission network and point to point protection. It offers high capacity, remote management and monitoring etc.
  • Sino-Telecom offers mature OTN platform to layout entire network in vast area. Due to aging and multi joints, cable loss is over 1 dB/Km which is very high. As entire network relies on single core, cable stability need count on quick response and higher sensibility for monitoring and protection mechanism.
  • TM (Telekom Malaysia ) is one of the largest multi-service operators in ASEN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).TM chose Sino-Telecom as long-term partner to provide FOMS (Fiber Operation Management System) to protect optical cables from 2020 till 2023.
  • GNC-ALFA(Armenia) is subsidiary of Rostelecom Russia’s largest integrated provider of digital services and solutions. Sino-Telecom provides hybrid scheduling capabilities for optical layer wavelength and electrical layer over 100Km without relay.
  • Sino-Telecom offers sustainable product with high level professional support and product delivery. Main stream telecom operators and ISP solution providers can focus on business development and promotion in the market.
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