Flexible Cooperation

In global market, Sino-Telecom work in partnership with local partners. Sino-Telecom is able to provide a flexible custimization collaboration mode.

In the cooperation process, Sino-Telecom took advantages of its technical strength to fill in the matrix where exact requirements are determined.

  • OEM
    Both hardware and software can have OEM service if it is helpful.

    SKD/CKD is optional to help the partner to improve the local manufacturing capability.
  • Customized Collaboration Mode
    Sino-Telecom will provide customization service to help the partner have more specialized features.
GPON in India
Customer Requirement: In India ,Tier 1 telecom operators focus on mobile network development.Wireline broadband access network develops very slowly.
FTTH Subscribers penetration is about 9%.Recently years, MSO and ISPs want to provide highspeed service like HDTV,internet,voice to their customers.GPON is the best technical solution for them.

Solution: Sino-Telecom cooperated with India local partner to provide pizza box OLT(1 U size) to protect operater's investment.Sino-Telecom's OLT is free access to any third part ONU suppliers.And we provide ACS which supports TR069 to manage terminal ONU to reduce labor costs.
GPON in India
100G Backbone Ring
Customer Requirement: Set up a 100G transmission system in northwest of China base on existing backbone optical layer equipment.

Solution: Use the STN6800-M1H10 to form a 100G OTN ring network, point-to-point service, and protect at the data layer.
Long-Distance <br />100G Backbone Ring
Transmission protection solution for end user's whole site
Customer Requirement:
> Optical line protection of all the links;
> Switching threshold less than 15 ms;
> Easy to maintance and management;
> SNMP based NMS;
> Compatible with current NMS (i.e XYZ).

Solution:To address these features, Sino-Telecom customized an OLP product with switching threshold less than 15ms. This new OLP product avoids complementing existing solutions with additional hardware in the remote site, which also enables rapid deployment and easier maintance in the centrol office. It is suitable for enterprises, mobile network operators, governments and other partners who require network protection.
Transmission protection solution for end user's whole site