Xie Hu,The Chairman of Sino-Telecom, was awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Alumni Worker" by Tsinghua University Alumni Association
Source: Tsinghua University News  Published: 2022-11-08
On November 5, 2022, the 9th First Member Congress of Tsinghua Alumni Association and the 24th Tsinghua University Alumni Work Conference were held in the back hall of the main building of Tsinghua University. At the meeting, the Tsinghua Alumni Association issued a decision on commending the advanced collectives and individuals of Tsinghua alumni.

In order to commend the Tsinghua alumni organizations that have been adhering to the concept of inheriting Tsinghua culture and promoting the spirit of Tsinghua, actively organized and carried out various alumni activities, and played a prominent role in serving alumni, alma mater, and serving the society in the past five years, and played a key role in each organization. The role of alumni workers who have made unremitting efforts and outstanding contributions to the work of alumni has been declared by various alumni organizations and reviewed by the review committee, and has decided to award 25 alumni organizations including Tsinghua University Shanghai Alumni Association as the title of "Excellent Alumni Organization", and awarded Xie Hu, 61 Tsinghua alumni including Li Bin were awarded the title of "Excellent Alumni Worker", and President Wang Xiqin personally awarded honorary certificates to Xie Hu and other alumni.

At the same time, the Alumni Association also presented the "Tsinghua Alumni Work Honor Medal" to 55 alumni including Zhang Suxin to express their respect and gratitude to them. The "Tsinghua Alumni Work Honor Medal" is a lifetime honor award for the work of Tsinghua University alumni. It was decided by the second executive council meeting of the seventh council of Tsinghua Alumni Association in 2017. It has been awarded since 2017 to recognize long-term commitment to alumni work Alumni workers who have held major positions such as president and secretary-general in various alumni organizations, or have served as directors of alumni associations and have played an important role.

President Wang Xiqin and the Alumni Association encouraged the award-winning alumni to stay true to their original aspirations, make persistent efforts to better contact and serve the alumni, gather the strength of alumni, carry forward the spirit of Tsinghua University, and make greater contributions to the development of the alma mater and the development of the country and society!

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