Leaders of Shanghai Songjiang District visited 2 companies include Sino-telecom on the first working day of the Chinese new year.
Source: Shanghai Observer  Published: 2023-01-31

On January 28. 2023, Cheng Xiangmin, secretary of the Songjiang District Party Committee, led the heads of relevant committees, offices, and bureaus of the district to two enterprises in the district, Yuzhang Electric and Sino-Telecom, to conduct business environment research.

District leaders of Songjiang inquired about the implementation of the first (set) of major technical equipment rewards by functional departments such as the District Economic Committee, emphasizing the need to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of enterprises. District leaders said that the pioneering spirit of scientific and technological innovation is like the "pancreas" organ of the human body, which is small but has an extraordinary effect. District leaders also inquired in detail about the company's core technology innovation research and development, industrial development prospects, and current bottlenecks and difficulties, and encouraged companies to focus on key areas and increase their efforts to make breakthroughs.

The leaders of the district emphasized that they hope that enterprises will adhere to the system concept, have the innovation ability of continuous iteration, and the discovery ability of subtle knowledge, so as to maintain an advantageous position in the international competition.

District leaders suggested that enterprises should promote the realization of more "from 0 to 1" original innovations and "from 1 to 10" results to accelerate the transformation.

Sino-Telecom is such a typical example. Xie Hu, chairman of Sino-Telecom, said that through breakthrough technological innovations, Sino-Telecom has bravely ventured into the "no-man's land", and Sino-Telecom has become the only company in China that has both software and hardware development capabilities in the segmented field. Today, Sino-Telecom has hidden champions in three industry segments in new metropolitan area wavelength division equipment, IDC/ISP information security management system, and data link acquisition equipment.

For Sino-Telecom to become the invisible champion in the sub-sectors of network security, data security, and credit security, district leaders expressed the hope that enterprises will continue to take root in the Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, and deeply cultivate the fields of network communication.

In front of the "Innovation Wall" full of honors, both companies mentioned the issues of registered patents and intellectual property disputes, and hoped that the District Intellectual Property Office could provide guidance and support.

District leaders said, "In the era of digital economy, an inconspicuous source code is worth ten thousand dollars." It is necessary to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, protect the legitimate rights and interests of innovation subjects in accordance with the law, and continue to create a market-oriented, legalized, and international first-class business environment, so that enterprises have the enthusiasm for starting a business.

In response to a series of administrative examination and approval issues raised by enterprises, such as patent registration and construction permits, district leaders said that efficient government action should be reflected in every link of examination and approval, and functional departments must have a first-inquiry and responsibility system to form a joint effort to serve enterprises.

At present, both Yuzhang Electric and Sino-Telecom have obtained new industrial land, and it is expected to start construction this year. Songjiang District will help enterprises enhance their core competitiveness by improving the supply efficiency of factors such as land.

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