Impressive Showcase of Sino-telecom's Open Light Network Equipment at 2023 CFCF
Source:   Published: 2023-06-12

From June 5th to 7th, 2023, the China Fiber Connect Forum (CFCF) Optical Connectivity Conference, jointly organized by Fiber Optics Online, Chord Industry Research Center, and Jiangsu Province Institute of Communications, was held in Suzhou.

More than 3,000 domestic and international experts, scholars, and professionals from the optical communication industry attended this grand event. Sino-telecom presented its stackable DCI wavelength transmission platform, which boasts a large transmission capacity, compact size, low power consumption, and convenient operation and maintenance. This platform finds wide applications in data center interconnection and the transmission of new-generation MAN.

On June 6th, Wu Zhiyuan, CTO of Sino-telecom, attended the conference and delivered a speech as a guest speaker with the theme "Open Optical Networks, Open Ecosystem." As a pioneer in open optical networks, Sino-telecom will continue to strengthen collaboration with the upstream and downstream of the optical communication industry. Sino-telecom welcomes partners from various segments of the optical communication industry to engage in exchanges, contributing to promoting the vigorous development of China's optical communication industry.

On June 7th, Sino-telecom's "New-generation Metropolitan DCI-BOX Equipment" won the "2023 Product Innovation Award (Transmission Equipment and Subsystems Category)" at the award ceremony of CFCF2023 for its contribution in turning next-generation transmission equipment from concept to reality.

Sino-telecom's modular wavelength/DCI products have already achieved successful deployment and stable operation, ranking first in market share and comprehensive performance as a vendor of China Telecom and China Unicom, and extensively applied in various internet companies.


The openness of optical networks is a crucial path for future transformation of operator networks, even determining the direction of operators. Sino-telecom actively promotes deep cooperation with major operators and internet companies, aiming to build more flexible networks to meet the market's demands for network virtualization and open optical transport networks.

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