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40CH DWDM Mux & Demux

STN6800-OMD40: 40-Channel DWDM Mux & Demux Card for STN6800 Platform

40CH C21-C60, LC/UPC, Dual Fiber DWDM Mux & Demux Plug-in Board for STN6800 series


The 40Ch Mux & Demux is a high density, low loss and plug-in board that provides excellent solution for infrastrcture saving by aggregating all 40 DWDM channels at a single site. All 40 channels are spread over the C-band per ITU-T 100GHz spacing between channels using hing quality AAWG technology.


Low insertion loss

Based on free space technology

Multiplexing of up to 40 channels on fiber pair

Passive, no electric power required

Low-profile modular design, fits in STN6800 series chassis

Duplex LC/UPC, easily support duplex patch cables between transceiver and passive unit

General Specification

Front View





Number of Channels


Channel Spacing


Reference Passband


ITU Frequency

192.00THz - 195.90THz

ITU Wavelength

1530nm - 1560nm

Center Frequency Accuracy


Insertion Loss


Insertion Loss Uniformity




1dB Bandwidth


3dB Bandwidth


Adjacent Channel


Non-Adjacent Channel Isolation


Total Crosstalk


Polarization Dependent Loss


Return Loss


Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD)


Chromatic Dispersion

±20 Ps/nm

Connector Form


Operating Temperature

-5℃ ~ +65℃

Storage Temperature

-40℃ ~ +85℃

Relative Humidity

0% ~ 90%

* Customized specifications are available upon request.