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1GE3FE+ 1FXS+2.4G Wi-Fi


The ONU300G-4GEW is designed with one optical interface, four Ethernet ports, and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. The optical interface is compliant with ITU-T G984.X and ITU-T G.988 standards, and meets FTTH requirements. The four 10/100/1000M self-adaption Ethernet


ONU300G-4GWV is designed for the additional voice service access for telecommunication, broadcasting and TV operators. Based on mature, stable and cost-effective GPON technology as well as Gigabit Ethernet switching and WiFi technology, it is characterized   with high bandwidth, high reliability, easy management, favorable QoS guarantee, etc.

GPON technology, based on ITU-T G.984x series standards, is the latest PON accessing method. With high bandwidth, high efficiency, large coverage, and  rich user ports, it is ideal for operators to achieve comprehensivetransformation.

ONU300G-4GWV can work cooperatively with GPON OLT and EMS network management system, providing a complete accessing solution of multiple services like broadband, voice and video service for users via GPON technology.

1. Performance Features

Ø Single fiber accessing.

Ø Fully compatible with ITU-T G.984 standard;

Ø Support 1 GE and 3 FE Auto-Negotiation Ethernet ports.

Ø Support IEEE802.11n WiFi, dual antenna.

Ø 1 RJ11 VOIP port, support SIP/H.248 protocol.

Ø Support multicast function

Ø Support OMCI/TR069 management.

Ø Support Ethernet auto-negotiation and MDI/MDIX auto-detection.

Ø Support loopback detection at user network interface.

2. Data Service

Ø Support Ethernet interface rate, working mode and Pause flow control configuration.

Ø Support packet filtering and anti-illegal message protection, forbidding unknown unicast, broadcast and multicast message.

Ø Support performance statistics of Ethernet lines.

Ø Support 4K VLAN, VLAN tagged label processing, traffic classification, packet filtering, STP/RSTP and etc,.

Ø Support DHCP Option60.

Ø Support PPPoE.

Ø Support multicast/ QoS and IGMP Snooping.

Ø Support AES-128 decryption, key generation and switch.

Ø Support dual management based on DBA and priority to meet the minimum specified bandwidth needs for users.

3.  Specification