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Background and Demand

Since China Telecom has issued 'Broadband China-Optical Network City" strategy in 2011
FTTx deployment has become the first choice of broadband access technology for tier1 level operators in China. After years of construction, nowadays fiber broadband has become the absolute mainstream.

As an important part of “triple play”, the broadcast television network needs the support of high-speed bandwidth networks whether it is for public broadband access or the ultra high-definition or video service push which are more popular now. The increasing demand for high-speed networks encouraging broadcast television operators to speed up the FTTH deployment.


According to the requirements and features of the broadcasting television network, Sino-Telecom has launched a package of FTTH solutions, including whole series of GPON/EPON OLT and ONU products with Sino-Telecom’s intellectual property rights, 
 as well as innovative solutions including G/EPON link amplifier and G/EPON protocol analyzers to solve interoperability problems. These technical solutions include more than ten patents of Sino-Telecom. 

1. Full Series OLT/ONU

For small and medium capacity application scenarios, Sino-Telecom provides 8-port OLT: SAN3700-G8E and 16-port OLT:SAN3700-G16E, which are 1U pizza boxes with compact size for easy and rapid deployment.

For high capacity application scenarios, Sino-Telecom launched SAN3700 10U OLT, which allows insertion of 14*16-port service boards and supports up to 224 PON ports in one 10U chassis.

2. Full Series ONU

FTTH Accessory Products

3.G/EPON Protocol Analyzer

During actual FTTH deployment, operators usually purchase OLT and ONU devices from different manufacturers. As a result, interoperability problem usually occurs and causes great deal of inconvenience to operators’ during service expansion and network operation and maintenance activities. To solve these problems, Sino-Telecom developed XPA2000 G/EPON protocol analyzer which helps faster allocation for technical issues. This instrument accelerates the procedure of solving problems. These instruments have been deployed and approved by big operators like China Telecom, Huawei and ZTE etc.

5.G/EPON Link Amplifier

For long-distance G/EPON transmission, Sino-Telecom released an affordable PON amplifier solution. GA3302/EA3302 can extend the transmission distance up to 50KM.

Successful Cases
Sino-Telecom’s FTTH products have been widely used in domestic and international markets. In domestic market, the products have been widely deployed by mainstream operators such as China Telecom and China Broadcasting Television. In international market, our products have been sold to more than 30 countries including  Russia, Spain, India, Iran, Bangladesh and other developed & developing countries.
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