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Compact Multi-Function Data Center Interconnect Solution

Sino-Telecoms STN6800-D16HE is a Multi-function platform for DCI (Data Center Interconnect), cloud providers, colocation providers, and high capacity applications, delivering up to 16 x 100Gb Ethernet or OTU4, in 1U footage.

It has OTDR, OLP, EDFA, Mux/Demux modules to provide cost-effective solution for Data Centers.

Sino-Telecom DCI has been successfully applied in China Telecom. See success story here.

The STN6800-D16HE supports applications such as long haul 100/200/400G solution. The product offers lower power consumption, saving rack space for Data Center. It supports Data Center operators to bring down overall Capital expenditures and Operating expenses by increasing the density of ports.

The solution is customized as demarcation point between Data Center operator and infra supplier. This device provides vivid performance monitoring of both line interface and service interfaces with full compatibility with any 3rd party IT facility.

Flexible Design

The STN6800-D16HE is a modular and cost-effective solution for rolling out 100GbE services or capacity expansion in existing network. The device has 400G pluggable unit. It delivers up to 1.6T in a 1U chassis with pluggable optical modules. All design follows pay-as-you-grow principle. Sino-Telecom’s designed STN6800-D16HE to deliver carrier grade high-end solutions at any mix for high-end carrier, enterprise and DCI networks for serving up to 16 x 100Gb Ethernet or OTU4.

Powerful Feature Set

The platform is designed for high 100G port density and high level of energy efficiency. The product comprises up to 4 Units of 400G each, with one 400G or dual 200G CFP2 digital coherent optics (DCO) uplinks on the line side, and 4 x QSFP28 on the client side.

Massive Application

The mature STN6800-D16HE platform has already deployed in domestic tier one operator and worldwide. For more detail please refer to STN6800-D16HE Datasheet

  • Ø Pay-As-You-Grow architecture based on pluggable 400G/200G transponder units and pluggable optical modules

    Ø Supported clients: 10GbE, 100GbE, OTU2, OTU4,

    Ø Supported FEC modes: Line: FEC + SD-FEC for metro and long haul applications OTU4

    Ø Standard MSA pluggable:

    - CFP2 DCO tunable DWDM for 100/200/400G line interface CFP2

    - QSFP28 SR4/ER4/LR4/CWDM4 for 100GbE client interface

    - SFP+ for 10GbE/OTU2 client interface

    Ø Comprehensive line and service performance monitoring

    Ø Remote management with in-band GCC, or out-of-band OSC

    Ø Easy maintenance with field-replaceable parts:

    - Dual pluggable power supply units AC/DC

    - Fan unit

    - Equipment controller card

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