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STN6200 Compact CWDM/DWDM Solution Overview

In last decade, the optical network industry embraced the rise of high performance compact WDM solutions, which evolve continuously following flexible maintenance and completed automation.

Sino-Telecom introduced the STN6200 series compact WDM solution with large capacity, high integration and easy operation, which is regarded as the customized solution for mainstream Metro/Long Haul DWDM network.

Sino-Telecom’s STN6200 compact WDM platforms, which balanced between high integration and rapid evolution in optical innovation, reached excellent scalability, efficiency for typical connectivity applications.

Multiple Service With High Capacity

STN6200 compact WDM solution is designed for long-haul transmission applications, which can transmit up to 400G over a 200km link.

Single Channel 10G Application:

With 5-channel 10G transponder (OEO) and passive 40-channel DWDM Mux Demux card, STN-6200 supports all access services at data rates between 100M and 11.1G, unified switching of multiple protocols like 10G WAN/LAN, Ethernet 100M, STM-16/64, OTU2/2e, 1/2/4/8/10G fiber channel over common OTN infrastructure.

40G/100G Point-To-Point Application:

Sino-Telecom developed cost-effective solution to transmit 40G/100G client-side traffic with mature SFP28 module. We introduced unique OTU1H4 converter which supports 40G/100G customer service over common DWDM infrastructure.

40G/100G BiDi Application:

Sino-Telecom developed cost-effective solution to transmit 100G client-side traffic with mature QSFP28 module. We introduced unique OTU6H converter/transponder which supports 100G customer service over one core application.

Additionally, this STN6200 compact WDM solution transmits multiple services, including SDH, SONET, SAN storage, broadband, private line, and mobile services, serving as an ideal solution for access layer optical transport network.

High Performance & Flexibility

Incorporating EDFA, OLP, DCM, R/B, VOA, Sino-Telecom’s compact WDM solution offers high-quality and flexible optical transmission with reliable line protection, providing high network reliability and availability for managed chassis with low power consumption. Adopting the 1+1 redundant power supply, network unit cards, and fans which can be the backup to ensure disaster recovery and help you build a high-reliability metro edge network.

Besides, with a unified network management unit, the whole system enables fast setup within 7 minutes and eliminates the need for SQL database, which simplifies installation, deployment lead-time and provides telco level fault, configuration and remote monitoring management.

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