• Sino-Telecom STN6200 platform is a highly flexible CWDM/DWDM optical networking platform. It is mainly designed for high capacity, long distance, high-attenuation link budget DWDM transmission. It is suitable for Metro/Long Haul application with any mix of 10G/40G/100G and FC services.
  • Sino-Telecom’s STN6800-D16HE is a stackable platform for DCI (Data Center Interconnect), cloud providers, colocation providers, and high capacity applications, delivering up to 16 x 100Gb Ethernet or OTU4, in 1U footage.
  • In last decade, the optical network industry embraced the rise of high performance compact WDM solutions, which evolve continuously following flexible maintenance and completed automation.
  • Sino-Telecom launched full scale solution based on the STN6200 platform. The semi-active WDM solution meets the requirements in wireless application with low latency, multiple connectivity, protection, Telecom O&M.
  • According to the requirements and characteristics of the broadcasting television network, Sino-Telecom has launched a package of FTTH solutions, including whole series of GPON/EPON OLT and ONU products with Sino-Telecom’s independent intellectual property rights, WDM-PON system tailored for the situation of shortage of optical fiber resources of broadcasting television network, as well as innovative solutions including G/EPON link amplifier and G/EPON protocol analyzers to solve interoperability problems.
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